Eyelashes Extensions

What are eyelash extensions? EyeLashes extensions are a way to can add thickness and length to lashes that aren’t as lush, dark or long as you currently want them to be. Professionals apply false lashes typically one at a time for the most natural look to your lash line using an adhesive that is safe for the eye area.

If you’re like most women, mascara is a key item in your makeup bag. Some 65% of us whisk it on our lashes in hopes of making them look longer and fuller. But do you ever wish your lashes were just longer and fuller to begin with?
Your wish might be granted! Eyelash extensions are a growing trend at spas and salons. Eyelash Extensions look beautiful when they’re done right. They completely eliminate all need for mascara.

At our Eyelash Lounge, Andrea uses high quality Syntetic mink lashes that are fine and lightweight enough to attach multiple extensions per lash to give you the most beautiful and natural look possible.

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EyeLashes extensions